Calligraphy with Brushpens

Calligraphy seems to be my new hobby. Thanks to the posts I’ve seen in Instagram, I got convinced to buy a brush pen and  give calligraphy/brush painting a try.


Taduhhh! Found a Zig Brush and Scroll pen at National Bookstore.

The moment I got my hands on this Zig Brush and Scroll Pen, I felt a jolt of excitement and immediately grabbed a piece of paper so I can try scribbling something with this. I practiced a lot (when I say “a lot” it really means a lot) the whole afternoon.


This is really, really cool! I cant wait to buy all the colors available.

I didn’t take calligraphy classes before so I still need to learn so many things to be able to do good strokes. My hand is probably stiff that’s why I can’t make the strokes look as fluid as possible.


I chose the Blue shade ’cause it’s my favorite color.

You guys have to try this one out, it’s super fun! You can also try using an actual paint brush and watercolor (I haven’t tried that) but I guess it’ll need a lot of hand control.


Plain Jane.

Plain Janne”. An ordinary-looking, average girl. Moderately attractive but mentally stable. – Urban Dictionary

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. The meaning is perfect. (I laughed at the “mentally stable” part though) But yes, I do look ordinary most of the time.

A lot of people say they find me interesting but I sometimes feel the opposite way, like there’s nothing you can find about me that’s interesting at all. “Plain Jane” seem to describe me very well – ordinary-looking, average girl and not so fashionable most times (yes, I am mentally stable) which leads some people into thinking that I’m a boring person living a boring life.

As I grew older, I realized that it’s not just appearance that makes people interesting. Sometimes, it’s the stories they have within them, waiting for the right person to dig it out of their chest.

So this is me telling you my own stories about everything that I love or anything that interests me. Hopefully, I can make you realize that no one and nothing is really plain or ordinary. You just have to find something about it that’s interesting.